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Chinese Pistache trees are native to China, but have found a home right here in Texas and thrive in Zone 8 which Dallas Fort Worth is in. Known as the “Ugly Duckling” of the tree world, the Chinese Pistache starts out as an unattractive and misshapen young tree but grows into a magnificent specimen. This beautiful tree is commonly found in neighborhoods, close to homes because they are medium sized trees. They grow 25 to 35 feet tall and are a welcome addition to any front or backyard. If you’re looking for a beautiful red-orange fall tree, this is for you!

Tree Type

This tree is considered both a shade tree and an ornamental tree. It features a spreading canopy capable of blocking sunlight and adds visual interest and beauty to landscaping.

Mature Size

The Chinese pistache grows to a height of 25–35′ and a spread of 25–35′ at maturity.

Growth Rate

This tree grows at a medium rate, with height increases of 13–24″ per year.

Sun Preference

Full sun is the ideal condition for this tree, meaning it should get at least six hours of direct, unfiltered sunlight each day.

Soil Preference

The Chinese pistache grows in acidic, alkaline, loamy, moist, sandy, silty loam, well-drained and clay soils. It also grows well in drought conditions.

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The Chinese Pistache Tree is spreading like wildfire because their blazing fall foliage can’t be matched. While other trees are colorless and entering dormancy, the Chinese Pistache is shining bright with multiple shades of reds, oranges and yellows.

These vivid trees will be the talk of the neighborhood because they will outshine all of the dull trees in your neighbor’s yards with their stunning color and beautiful, thick rounded canopies. Plus, unlike maples, they have a unique exotic look, with pairs of long slender leaves.

In the spring and summer their canopies are filled with lush green leaves that will create a nice shaded area in your yard to relax under. A well-placed Chinese Pistache tree will shade the driveway or home to relieve sweltering summer heat.

By producing ornamental red berries in the fall Chinese Pistache trees become a must have for wildlife enthusiasts because they attract a variety of songbirds to flock to the tree. They’re entertaining to watch as they hop from branch to branch.

Urban landscapers can’t get enough of these trees because their high level of tolerance for pollution and smog allows them to be planted anywhere, even in large cities. They’re also drought and heat tolerant and will adapt to a variety of poor soils, even if they are sandy or rocky.

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