Crepe Myrtle


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Pink Velour Crape Myrtles™ are perfect as impressive ornamental trees or colorful, living privacy screens.

This unique tree will definitely attract attention as the centerpiece of your property. Pink Velour Crape Myrtles proudly display delicate pink blooms that last for months… giving your lawn a burst of color and delightful curb appeal.

Growing to a spread of 8-10 feet, plant them 4-5 feet apart for a natural solution to screening or as a desirable property divider. Also works well planted near your foundation.

Liven up your kitchen with beautiful cut floral arrangements from your Pink Velour Crape Myrtle. They look and smell wonderful!

What an easy tree to plant and grow! It’s highly mildew resistant and drought tolerant, so you can plant it and forget it.

These trees are easy to care for and a delight to watch.

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