White Oak Tree


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The White Oak tree is deemed the “King of Kings”. The White Oak tree is the state tree of Connecticut, Illinois, and Maryland, and is a classic American tree. It has a feeling of nostalgia and is found in many old cities due to the beauty and longevity of the tree. The white oak tree can live up to 500 years(!), although most live 200-300 years old, making it one of the longest standing trees. This is a tree you can plant and watch grow for years to come.

The White Oak tree grows 12″-24″ per year. With these trees topping out at around 100 feet, this is a tree you can watch grow on average 1-2 feet per year. If you grow it for 50 years, it can be from 50′-100′ tall!

The White Oak provides lots of shade. With a huge, tall trunk and a majestic set of leaves and branches that form a wide crown, your family will love sitting under the shade of the White Oak.

It’s no wonder people across the country, for centuries, have loved this tree. The White Oak survives in nearly any soil condition and environment. It presents itself as a strong and sturdy tree, growing up to 100ft. with a canopy just as wide. It’s just as strong as looks, surviving in urban and rural landscapes alike. From Minnesota down to Florida, you’ll appreciate growing this majestic tree in your yard.


The simple leaves transition beautifully through the seasons. The White Oak leaves start out as a delicate pink tinted gray in the early spring. As spring transitions to summer, the leaves turn into a classic green and then evolve into a rich brown in the autumn.

There’s no comparison to the strength of the White Oak tree. The wood of the White Oak has been used for ages to make wine and whiskey barrels. Its resistance to water damage and rot, paired with its durability, make it the choice wood of American coopers. The wood is so strong it is even used to make weapons in some martial arts!

Make your family proud and plant your White Oak tree today. Having a White Oak in your yard is a mark of strength and timelessness. By planting this tree, you’ll be making a statement about your family that will live on for centuries. Don’t hesitate to make a bold statement in your yard today.

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